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Rusnning late Hair a mess Hasent eanten breakfsta Stains on her dress
Shoes on the rwong feet Lunch salpped together Quicker than she thought She could evre
Manage to complete A tsak like that Oh there she gsoes Ms. Mally Mack
Cat'n spell a word Tries hadr to rhyme Ms. Mally Mack Is just never on time
Slieds into her seat A couple minutes after Attendance was tken And now theres laughter
Teacher shakes her head With a  soryy sigh Little Mally Mack Began to cry
Shuffles her feet Out the saem sdoor Feels tired and hveay Limbs so sore
Principle passes In the hall onec more "Oh sweet girl, There's a solution I'm sure."
"Cat'n spell a word Tries hadr to rhyme I'm Ms. Mally Mack Just never on time"
"Don’t cry, don’t fret" Principle said "There's hope for you, Light ahead
"Some people are punctual Accurate to a fault Tick every box Each I's got a dot
"But when it comes to passion Spontaneity and ideas We turn to you,…