Texting has destroyed my ability to write!!!

Suddenly, I find myself ending sentences in multiple exclamation marks. The shorter the sentence, the better. Ugh. I tried writing an article for a local magazine, but I kept on restarting. I just couldn't get the words to flow. I used to be able to churn out an article or post with ease. Write a few paragraphs on a given subject in passable English? Sure, just give me twenty minutes. And here I am... choppy sentences and all. What happened to me?

Recently, I even caught myself thinking in text. The thoughts scrolled in, bit by bit, with a  brief interlude to type the words, as though they were coming across a whatsapp chat. Now this has got to stop!
There was a little bit of myself, the author in me, that had just started emerging, but since I joined the ranks of smart-phone owners... gone...

So here I am, forcing myself to write out a thought in more than the top sentence. I'm not particularly pleased with the piece, but forcing myself to let it out there anyways.

Because the only way to improve my writing is by writing.



  1. Wow. thts a bit brief, no? shldnt ths post b a lttle longer?

    U r rlly slacking.

    But I m sur next time will be bttr.

  2. Longer than any text I've ever sent! Baby steps...


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