The "I" ride

My brother took me for a ride. He was quite the handful, actually. When we started out, he was ever so cautious. It was his fist time behind the SUV wheel and he understood his limitations. It took about 12 minutes to reach our destination, normally 5 minutes away. For instance, he let three rounds of a traffic light pass before making it across a busy intersection without a light. But given the circumstances, that was great. Timing does not feature as an important goal for a new driver. His focus and caution earned him many a point.

We arrived at our destination. My sister and her new husband were excited to see the fresh-faced driver at the wheel, and his enthusiasm for the trip went up a few notches. A few too many notches, that is...

"Calm down, brother." I cautioned him, "easy does it."

But it was too late. He was high.

We hit the road again, but this time the results were downright scary. His sharp turns and speed had us nervously barking orders. Three back seat drivers! He took it too far when he nearly scraped the side of a parked car. My brother-in-law made him stop, get out and look at the crash-that-was-not. BH we made it home safely, but for the next day I was enormously grateful for the solid ground under my feet.

In analysis, my brother readily agreed that the chief trouble-maker here was ego. When he understood his limitations at the beginning of the ride, brother was a star chauffeur. Once his success got to his head, he was overconfident, almost giddy. Proud of his skill and showing off, our ride could have ended in disaster.

The dangers of confidence.

On the other hand, if he had been too timid he never would have crossed that first intersection. There has got to be a balance between recognizing one's strengths and excessive caution.

I'm sure he'll get better at it for the next ride...


  1. That is a great analysis for the "needing the balance". We need a balance with everything in life. This example definitely brought out that point. I remember that feeling of being behind the wheel for the first time! The life! The excitement! And then, eventually, the feeling is gone and driving becomes the most normal, routine thing we do. But this excitement is needed to 'kick off' the activity or what not right at the start, it then subdues and that's where you gotta remember the excitement you first had and you need to bring in the balance.


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