To quench the thirst

"I have a headache"
"Did you drink too much?"
"No, I didn't drink enough."

Purim was lovely, thank you for asking. We spent several hours driving around to extended family members to share the simcha. Each stop was only a few minutes and followed a similar script:

"Look who's here!"
"What a darling duck costume / princess crown."
"Say cheese! Snap, snap.
[Pass around Shaloch Manos packet]
"Have a lovely day!"

Then, we'd walk back to the car and buckle up the babies. I would gratefully sink in to my seat... and then the pounding would commence. "I forgot to ask for water again!" We had a whole laundry basket full of packages to distribute in the back seat. There were forty cans of soda, but not one bottle of water. 

Why do we spend so money on junk food and forget about fruit/veges/water? Hey, if you're giving a basket full of chocolates you can count me in! But bamba, chips, pretzels... not my thing.

My students' costumes were unreal. Daniel was so proud to discover two people dressed as ducks, like himself. He spoke about (and looked for) them the rest of the day. He was rather impressed to see the huge array of costumes. I think every single student was in costume, and most of the teachers, too. There were groups of fairies, penguins, painters, lego, hippies... you get the idea. The ruach in the room was incredible. What an experience! 

The principal read the Megillah, and had this awesome "stop sign" after booing Haman. (Another topic Daniel spoke about for the rest of the day.) I was tickled pink to spot a girl following along with the reading on her phone and then hitting a button for a gragger noise! Next thing you know, the phone will automatically scroll along with the leining.

Freilichen Purim to all!


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