The Joy of Writing

I sat down on a long winter night
And watched as my tasks piled up to great height
I let the pen in my hand just flow
Will it go fast of maybe quite slow?

Then a saying popped right into my mind
It shattered my thiughts and its message did blind.
הלשון הוא פולמוס הלב “the pen is the tongue of the heart”
Let’s look at that line and pull it apart:

To me it does mean that when I sit here like this

With a pen and paper, overflowing with a writing bliss
Really what’s flowing on all these lines,
Is what’s lying in my heart much deeper than coal mines.

Then when the words quickly fill till room there’s no more,
I could understand what the tool called writing is really for:

To express what lays deep down within
And letting it out as if poking with a pin
To tell you my most deepest thoughts
And fill it all up till we’ve filled all the spots


  1. Loved it the first time
    Loving it now!
    Congrats on your first post, sis!


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