Jury Duty (Guest Post)

My sister Chava is the most awesome person you'll ever meet. Fun, active, thought-provoking and just gorgeous. She wrote an incredible piece on her jury experience this week. Enjoy!

The court room is tense. The room is silent, everyone is following directions, there's about 40 people and I'm #3. The judge begins asking each person questions. #1 then #2 and suddenly my hearts racing and I hear the judge say #3! I am sure everyone can see my heart pumping, my red face and my shaky voice. All eyes are on me. I'm talking to the judge! The judge keeps reassuring us, its all good, no need to worry, there's no right or wrong. My turn passes.
For the next group question you have to raise you hand to answer yes, and I again, this time way more relaxed, raise my hand and answer the judges questions. Not so tense and scary after all.
This experience hit home. This is exactly the time frame we are in right now...that tense aura of the month of elul, hearts pounding, shofar is blowing, it's time to do teshuva, Rosh Hashana is near, we are going to be judged. And... The judge, Hashem, the king, our father is out in the field so close to us, smiling, reassuring us, telling us to come and ask whatever we like. Now's our chance! Take advantage! It's really not all tense and scary...it's our father asking us what we want for the new year! Hashem is telling me to come and ask! What am I waiting for? Ask!! Make the keili!!


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