Crutches aren't much fun. Oh, they look exciting as a kid. Those so afflicted revelled in the attention. Not me. I was proud of my never-cast-never-accident claim to fame. In fact, when my daughter hurt her finger last year my shock was largely centred on "that happened to my daughter?!?". So when I found myself swinging around with a sprained ankle three weeks after my third was born I was none too pleased.

The biggest irony of the whole event, though, is all about my momma. You see, for five years I have been saying that my goal in life is to be just like my mother. And she had also just sprained her ankle. Only that wasn't what I meant!

What I really meant was I wanted to imitate Mommy's...

1. EMPATHY: My mother is the best listener you ever meant. "How to Listen so Kids Will Talk?" That's her. She totally integrated those principles. And more, because many an adult finds themselves spilling their deepest and darkest to her on their first encounter. I think it's defiantly because she just listens, empathises and never passes it on.

2. INTROSPECTIVE: Not only did my mother listen to us, but she taught us how to listen to ourselves. She trained us to dig deep, think about the why. Twas rather cute to overhear my brother concurring that he enjoyed her penetrating questions because it taught him to think.

Which brings me to the next quality...

3. NURTURING: Mommy relishes caring for other people, mostly through food. She loves hosting people at her house. My grandparents call her home a "magnet"

4. MINIMALIST: My mother is not into things. Take the living room for example: Three couches in her house were originally purchased for my father's bachelor apartment more than 25 years ago. They look super masculine and are covered with couch covers. I could never endure that but Mommy cares not a hoot. There is another, simply gorgeous couch in the front room, but that one is an inheritance from her grandmother.

5: LEARN AND GROW: Sure, the Magnet attracts those with physical hunger, but spiritual-seekers can be found there as well. Twice a week she opens the door for shiurim with two popular lecturers and a dance class, too. That's pretty incredible on its own, as my dining room is suffering from the Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome more often than not. The thing that really gets me here is her face when she sits and listens to the classes. My mother is drinking the stuff up! She's for real about it, too. Listening, learning, taking notes, discussing, internalizing, and growing. Always growing. Once when I called and asked, "How are you today?" she responded, "I'm working on my Bitachon." What an answer! Mommmy, you are AWESOME! I've learned from my mother that life is a continuous journey and I can keep on improving.

Mommy, thank you. I am still learning from you. I watch you and am amazed at all you do and juggle. Hashem should bentch you with a gut gebentched yohr where you continue to inspire others and your challenges should be cast away like my crutches.


  1. Great post...your mom sounds awesome!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did post about how to turn off your word verification.



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