A New Way

I'm starting a new parenting course. This was a big jump for me as I really, really liked Sheffer. Oh, sure there was an item or two that didn't sit well with me. In general, though, I'd really adopted the approach and was using it exclusively.

There was one problem:

Part of the structure of the Sheffer system is to solve problems. At each session a participant would raise an issue and then after learning the topic of the day we'd resolve it (actually she'd resolve it) after digging deep to discover what the problem really was. Towards the end of the course, sessions were spent problem-solving all the way. It was terrific. I loved the system and was even able to do some problem solving with a friend on the phone.

And time moved on...

And I grew forgetful...

And I'm stuck.

Stuck believing in a system that I am no longer able to practice. I need the support of the problem solving sessions or a refresher course, but alas, neither are available.

So I'm moving on. Bit sad but I'm really looking forward to gaining a new set of tools. From what I've seen of the course (read a book on the approach) it will really work for Daniel.

Feeling hopeful!!


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