Newborn yet Bored

He's not three weeks old yet. I should be resting, they tell me. But whilst my body is fatigued my mind is bored.

I'm used to being busy and productive - I mean, I was still working 3 days before birth and uploading materials for my sub in between contractions. So it's no wonder I haven't slowed down yet. And quite frankly, I'm not sure I want to slow down. When people ask, "How are you?" Or "Wow, out and about already?" I'm stuck. Sure, I need the rest. But I'm feeling cooped up and just plain bored.

My older son (6.5) is thrilled to have a brother. He's been discussing at exactly which point baby brother will move into his room. Part of me wants to snuggle him close and never let go. As time passes, though, another part of me grows.... The part that's counting down until baby is old enough to sleep through the night and I can get back to routine.

Look, kid, if your reading this don't worry - I love you like crazy! Snapping photos, cuddling, nursing, calling you funny names and talking to you in high pitched nonsense words. It's just the same struggle I've always had:  working mom vs SAHM...... how much to work.....  should i send my toddler to full time or part time childcare.....
And whenever I think I've reached middle ground the same issue resurfaces. Am I forever doomed?


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