Phone Dunked

My electronics are slowly dropping out of my life. My SLR was stolen a couple months ago, and today my toddler dunked my Smartphone. The loss of my camera still rankles, but the missing phone just brought relief. I've got a love/hate relationship with that device and considered getting rid of it many times.

Once, my phone went missing Erev Yom Kippur and I didn't buy a new one until the end of Cheshvan (5 weeks later). I didn't miss it. In fact I wrote a great piece about the 5 weeks of serenity. In my quest for perfectionism I never posted it, but I'll dig it out at some point.

So I'm thinking of holding off this time...

I'm done with "smart"phones.

Done with 6000 messages.
Done with entertainment apps.
Done with my kids using my "personal" device.
Done with always being on-call.

Just done.

The Grand Dump happened as we were getting geared up for the park. I was hanging laundry. Mendel was outside with me, holding my phone. That normally wouldn't have posed a problem. Thing is, there was a pail of water sitting around. I jumped when I heard the splash, concerned that baby would wet his clothes. It was worse. Phone is sitting in a bowl of rice now #feelinghopeful

"Let's go, park time!"

Everyone headed for the car and we were off.


I was annoyed. I started lecturing myself, "Hashem is good, everything that happens is good, Hashem loves me, this is only a manifestation of His deepest love." It's a stretch, but it is what I believe. Even if I have to remind myself of that belief during the rough moments.

Then we were off.

It's sefirah, so we've been listening to lectures as we drive. And what do you know... it was a lecture titled "Habits of Effective People". I'm not sure what the connection to Covey was, but the speech started with a discussion on Shabbos:

When we put away our phones for a 25 hour period we show that we are in control of our phones, not the other way around. 

Talk about timing, ey? I was impressed.

I parked and we started walking towards the park. Was still rather annoyed so I started singing the song I'd put together after the robbery:

I didn't know why
I wanted to cry
But I turned my head and said,
Actually I didn't say anything. Mussy was so excited that she cut me off. Now she had a new song! She started singing my song with additions to reflect the recent loss of my phone. She'd been fairly peeved as well. After all, she had a whole folder going with chats to various family members. She had a stake in the device!

However you cut it, for the moment my phone-days are on pause. Maybe I'll fish out a regular phone that isn't quite as smart. Husband would surely consider that a smart move. He likes being able to contact me. I know I'll enjoy the phone freedom, though.

My camera, on the other hand...
Time to start researching for a new one!
I sure miss that SLR.


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