Stay focused!

"Stay focused, Mimies!"

What? Did he really say that? I laughed to myself and grabbed a pen to jot down Daniel's latest line for future reference. What a riot!


When my firstborn was an infant, he loved to eat. He would feed for a full hour until he fell asleep contented in a drunken stupor.

His younger sister did not follow his lead. Sure, she liked to eat, but there were too many exciting things going on around her. Foremost amongst the distractions were her older brother's antics. She would turn towards him when she heard the pitter-patter of his little feet, breaking out into a huge grin each time.

I was constantly after her to "stay focused!"

Seems Daniel picked up the lingo! He continued using the term - usually within context - for several months following.


Daniel really got me pondering my activities. He would warn me to "stay focused" while I was climbing a chair, reading a book, mixing cake batter, sitting at the computer and of course feeding the baby. 

Focus, hmm... what am I focusing on? Am I focusing on the blessings, counting each one? Am I cognizant of G-d's guidance in my life? Or do I wile the time away, smiling towards the future (approaching footsteps)?

To stay focused, Daniel dearest, is a life's mission. 


  1. Wow!! what a cutie your little Danny is, and what a remarkable writer his mom is!
    keep up the stupendous work!

  2. Thanks, Anon!
    Come and visit us again


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