A Voice for All

In the old days, kings ruled the world. The king was the be-all and end-all. Say something contrary to his views? Into the fiery furnace/lion's den/hangman's noose.

As the centuries evolved, the people did too. Absolute Monarchy gave way to governments populated by numerous lawmakers, representing various segments of the population. Each citizen had a leader who represented their personal views. Each citizen, then, had a voice of sorts.

As the grains of sand passed, so did communication.

Once, the only way to keep posted on world-wide affairs was through the statements read at town squares. The king dictated laws etc. and the populace listened and accepted. The king's word was final.

Later, printing presses provided a sorely-needed medium for reporters to spread ideas, news and information. No longer government sponsored, there was more freedom of press, many more viewpoints shared and hopefully greater accuracy.

Now, more than ever before, we live in the "Information Age". Anyone who wishes can turn on the nearest computer (or phone) and access or share knowledge with the world.

What an incredible power, provided it is used positively. A voice for all. Every person has a wealth of experiences from which to draw ideas and lessons and inspire themselves and others.

Everything positive has a negative counterpart. The fact that anyone can write anything leaves the reader's eyes, mind and heart open to, well, anything. Everything seen or read leaves a subtle effect. Are you safeguarding yourself?

Are you proud of the evolution in communication?
How are you using the tools at your fingertips?


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