Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It could take a good two, three hours to prepare a solid 45-minute lesson. What about when you up the ante? After researching, writing the lesson, preparing worksheets and a follow up quiz, I decided that my Jewish History lesson on the life of Shlomo ibn Gabirol needed some more pizazz. It was late enough, trust me, but the perfectionist in my soul must've had a good dose of coffee because there I was, enhancing the lesson.

I gave my eyes a vigorous rub, and clocked in another hour or two to create the slideshow, animation, or interactive activity that would really help my students take home the learning in a very real, long-term way. (Amen!)

If you are lucky, you teach two parallel classes and can use the same lesson twice. And then it's over. All the materials get filed away neatly (I wish!) into a binder or digital folder and hibernate for another year.

What's the point? I spend all this time in resource creation, and it gets used once. Shoin.

So I think about sharing my resources on a public site,but it's tough. It's my baby. I've put my kishkes into the thing, and it would just hurt to let go of it. Sure, it would be nice if my work got more mileage. Don't get me wrong, I share materials with my colleague, and if a specific person asked for a slideshow or whatever, no problem. But to upload all my resources so some random, ungrateful individual can download, delete my name, and present it as their own. Ugh. I guess I want the personal recognition. Maybe it's just an ego thing...

Sure, I can upload as pdf, or video file, but it just doesn't help the teacher to the same degree if the file is static.

But how can I expect to use free resources when I have such a difficult time spreading around my own wealth?


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