Squeaky Clean on Shabbos Morning

The children dawned before the sun that fateful day. I rubbed my bleary eyes and schlepped my aching muscles out of bed. No point in two of us being zombies, I figured. I shut the door behind me, leaving DH in his nice, comfy bed. I gathered up the children, and together we dined and played for nearly two hours.

By 7:15, I realized that I was squinting at the clock through bleary eyes. I held on until 7:30, then gratefully headed back to bed, "your turn!"


At a quarter to nine, DH came in to tell me that he was on his way to shul. "Don't worry, I'm getting up." The little ones came in a few times, tried to cajole me out of bed. I sent them off for a banana, Lego, crackers, anything really, and rolled over. At one point, he asked me to open a bottle of long-life milk, and I told him they could unpack the box into the shelf.

At 9:38 (!) I heard some strange noises. "Is she ok?" I asked the big brother. No response. Yikes! I rushed out, cautioning myself all the way, "Any mess is worth it. I got a good rest. It's too late to change it. No need to get upset."

And. What. A. Mess!!!

She looked something like this, minus the bathtub, of course
Yah, shampoo. It seems that when they graciously stacked my groceries, they found a bottle of shampoo. Big Brother decided that Little Sister's hair could use some spice, and there she was...

Squeaky Clean.
Thanks, kids.


  1. You say this happened on Shabbos morning?! Good grief.

  2. Yah, no pictures... Twas quite the scene....
    Had to bathe her to get rid of the snow. What would you have done?


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